Ceramic Pro Minneapolis

Step 2: Ceramic Pro

After a solid paint correction, something needs to be done to help protect all of that work. Traditionally, wax was used to top the paint. Wax achieved a few different things:

  • UV Protection
  • Barrier between paint and the environment
  • "Wet" look
  • Hydrophobic properties

While wax still has its uses today (think OEM single stage paints!), it is sub-par for protecting modern automotive clear coats. Wax has a few major flaws:

  • Short lived: a cheap wax is only going to last for a few days or so, whereas the best waxes in the world will only last for 2-3 months. Once they wear off, they need to be reapplied- which requires intrusive "touching" of the perfected surfaces, raising the risk of needing to polish sooner. Also constantly needing to reapply is time consuming and expensive over time.
  • Attracts Dirt: Think about a candle. Once wax gets warm, things will stick to it. You can imagine how dirt will attract to the surface of your vehicle during a nice summer day. Once again, it creates the need for more intrusive washing, which again raises the risk of inducing micro-scratches and swirls into the paint!


A Better Way....

If not wax, then what? The answer lies in the brilliant technologies of Ceramic Pro. In short, Ceramic Pro is made up of nano particles of glass that are suspended in liquid solvents. This mixture gets wiped onto a surface, the solvents evaporate, and the glass particles remain behind. As a result, the protection will last for years and years.

  • UV Protection
  • True Barrier from the environment
  • Excellent Hydrophobic Properties
  • Permanent "Wet" look
  • Only washing needed for maintenance! 
  • 80% water usage reduction
  • 75% touch reduction
  • 2 year, 5 year, and Lifetime packages available 


In essence, Ceramic Pro allows for a drastically longer lasting detail. After restoration and preserving with Ceramic Pro, simple washing will make your car look like it just received an extensive polish- but in under an hour!  In fact, that's our favorite part about coatings. Ceramic Pro allows us to offer very competitive maintenance packages, drastically reducing costs for future detailing. Proceed to Step 3 to find out more about our maintenance plans! 

Step 3: Maintain